Sowing, Potting, Planting, Weeding !


The first week of June brings with it a rhythmic list of never ending jobs to do on the allotment – sowing, potting, planting, weeding (and repeat).  On our windowsills and in our greenhouses, the sowing continues (Padron Chilli Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Geranium Psilostemon, Cucamelon, Gherkin) and we are still checking (what seems like) hourly for signs of germination.


In the garden, survivors are ‘potted on’ into roomier accommodation, and those who grow – and are not eaten by mice – are planted out into new terrain on the allotment (this week Courgettes, New Zealand Yams, Corn and Salvia into the big bed, Pumpkin into a new Pumpkin patch, Dahilas, Geraniums and Sunflowers elsewhere).  And as for the weeding, the weeding, the weeding – sore backs and unrespectable finger nails are the order of the day.


But the sweetener on the plot this week is the sight of these beautiful bright red and orange Poppies, planted last year and now coming into bloom.  The never ending jobs continue – the sowing, the potting, the planting, the weeding – but the first flowers are a reminder of the beauty that is to come.




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  1. Chloris says:

    The fingernails are always the give away. I always check peoples’ fingernails. If they are nicely manicured and polished then clearly you are not dealing with a real gardener. Some people do have nice gardens but if they have beautiful fingernails someone else does the work whilst they float about with a trug.
    Some days I long to have nice fingernails and float around with a trug and let someone else tackle the ground elder.

    1. So true (and funny !) Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. alderandash says:

    I’m often out and about and realise I have Gardener’s Fingernails-Of-Shame… I’m with Chloris – just once in a while, floating about with a trug would be nice. But mostly I do enjoy grubbing about in the soil.

    1. So do I – and wearing gloves all the time just doesn’t work for me – I want to feel the soil and feel what I’m doing too. Gardeners hands can be embarrassing though, but that hasn’t stopped me yet !

  3. EvaInNL says:

    If only it was just my hands – I was told to go home and shower first by the manager of my local supermarket! I now have a wet towel in my cool box to clean up before I venture back into civilization! 😄

    1. EvaInNL says:

      Loving the poppies!

    2. Oh the shame ! And how cheeky of him !! 🙂

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