Borage Bother


The Borage on our plot has been a Rookie success so far, but this week we noticed a spot of Borage bother.  While the characteristically brilliant blue flowers are in bloom, the leaves of the plant have gone a decidedly unhealthy looking dusty white.  A bit of research has shown that this is likely to be ‘powdery mildew’ which often strikes Borage grown in shady and damp conditions (as ours is).

The question is – what’s the best way to treat this unwelcome visitor ?  Google suggests a drink of milk, a compost tea or even a sprinkle of fresh urine might do the job !  With Mr O poised at the flower border ready to do his duty, do you know of a better treatment for powdery mildew ?  Answers (gratefully received) on a postcard please !



8 thoughts on “Borage Bother

  1. Had the same problem and last week had to dig up the borage which I had planted in a very shady area. If you have any success with getting rid of the mildew please post on your blog.

  2. Borage has been a perennial pest on our allotment – it shows up right where it isn’t wanted! It definitely will thank you for as much sunlight as you can give it. Good luck!

  3. My borage is the same. I’ve moved some to the front of my house, the beds there are getting baked at the moment so hopefully the mildew won’t set in.

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