All Change


The last couple of weeks have been all about change on the allotment, as we start the planned expansion of our plot onto new ground.  Around a third of our plot has previously been covered in black plastic, and filled with Mr O’s ‘finds’ to put put to good future use.  Now however, a greenhouse is on it’s way up, a new gate and fence installed (upcycled from pallets and an old door of course !) and tractor tyres have been rolled in, ready for some aggressive flower planting.  On the ‘old’ side of the plot, two new wooden beds have replaced the old tractors tyres, and we’ve dusted off the lawnmower for the first time this season to give the plot a Spring haircut.


Aside from the structural work, the business of planting goes on.  Our first wave of seedlings are out into the mini greenhouse in the garden (having been potted on), and the second wave – Runner Beans, Aubergine, Sweetcorn, Gherkin, Cucumbers, Courgette and Pumpkins, Zinnia and Dianthus – are planted indoors and are happily germinating as we speak.


As well as the old favourites, we’re making sure we’re growing plenty of fruit, veg and flowers which we haven’t grown before, to keep things fresh.  It was exciting to see beautiful flowers on our Cherry tree and Blackcurrant bushes for the first time this week – although Mr O assures me we won’t be making our own Ribena just yet !  Our Asparagus is at last shooting up through the soil, the Broad Beans are on their way and the newly expanded Strawberry bed seems to have been a success (fingers and toes crossed).

The busiest month of the year for allotmenteers, there’s no time to get bored in April !



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