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With less to do on the plot this Autumn, and a small hiatus in between harvesting the summer and winter crops, Mr O and I have been salivating over a different kind of comforting annual feast – the seed catalogue !  In these suddenly shorter, darker, wetter days it’s hard not to think of think of brighter days to come, and (though not wanting to wish time away) we have made some tentative plans for how the plot may look next year.

A multitude of tempting seed catalogues have landed on our doormat (some even with free seeds) and we really need to sensibly take stock of what we actually need and what we’ve already got.  With a flurry of buying and seed saving last year, we won’t need to buy too much, but will certainly be trying out some new varieties and unusual plants to keep up our interest amongst the old favourites.

So far on our shopping list for next year we’re going to try Peppers, Tweed, Cucamelon, Pompon Dahlia, Zinnia and Forget Me Nots for the first time.  Which veggies or flowers will you try and grow for the first time next spring ?


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  1. Lindy Joy says:

    hi I’m new to allottmenting so really enjoyed reading about yours and all the enjoyment you seem to get from it! hooray! I’m going to try growing some ginger and my friend is encouraging me to grow a chocolate tree! I am thinking more and more about using green manure as I have a big lot and have to divide it off for ease of planting this first year. One whole part can be green manure and then I don’t have to hump in the other stuff!

    1. Welcome to allotmenteering Lindy – sounds like you have quite a few plans for your plot already – looking forward to reading about your adventures ! 🙂

  2. Who are some of the venders you are getting catalogues from? I like Baker Creek Seed Company but wouldn’t mind adding to my collection!

    1. We use UK companies – Suttons Seeds, Marshalls, Sarah Raven, Kings Seeds, Dobies, Garden Organic (The Organic Gardening Catalogue), Simpsons Seeds, Mr Fothergills, Unwins and DT Brown to name a few !! 🙂

  3. Flighty says:

    Just for a change I’m probably going to grow nothing new, flowers or vegetables, next year. Mind you when I get the Chiltern Seeds catalogue there’s bound to be a flower that I’ve never grown before that I want to try.
    For small quantities of seeds, vegetables or flowers, I recommend MoreVeg –

    1. Thanks Flighty – sounds like a good site, will have to take a peek. As we’re quite new to this game there’s lots of ‘new’ flowers and veg for us to grow – the only problem is choosing which ! 🙂

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