Growth Spurt


Last weekend, the allotment glut started in earnest, with produce growing and over growing at an astounding rate.  On each visit to our plot, we came home with bowls full of veggies to eat, and we needed to be strategic in deciding what needed to be picked and eaten straight away, and what could wait for another day with no harm done.  Some of our crops have grown so quickly that we’ve missed the optimum window for picking them – within days Mange Tout quickly turn to Peas and Gherkins become Cucumber sized !

With plenty of rain and sunshine this week, the weeds are growing quickly too and are a seemingly never ending task.  Some crops are ending – the Rhubarb is finished for this year and the Strawberry patch has been cut back to the new growth.  Half a dozen Strawberry runners have been pinned down into small pots of soil to grow roots and soon be cut from the ‘Mother’ plants to become new plants in their own right.

Time is moving on so quickly, and with the Brassicas growing and Blackberries fruiting it feels as though Autumn will be here before we know it !


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    1. Thank you – they were indeed yum ! 🙂

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