Nasturtiums Gone Wild


Our ‘companion planting’ has taken on a life of it’s own recently, with the Nasturtiums we planted to keep our Cucumbers company literally taking over the bed.  While the flowers in our flower bed are struggling, these beauties are so prolific we have had to cut them back so the Cucumbers can breathe a little.  In another bed, it’s got so bad that we’ve had to dig them up and replant them elsewhere. It’s another rookie lesson learnt about where and how many companion flowers to plant, and next year we’ll undoubtedly do it differently. But for now, at least our rabbits are enjoying a bit of a treat, munching on tasty Nasturtium cuttings for their tea !



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  1. cwyl says:

    Been there, done that! We were rookies once, and it took fully three years to get rid of the stuff… However, the flowers are lovely in salads, so if a bed isn’t doing too well and you need to keep the weeds down, at least these are a pretty alternative.

    Best of luck.

    1. Glad to know it’s not just us ! We transplanted some to the ‘official’ flower bed, fed some to our rabbits and some remain. They are pretty, they just grow so big !

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