And Then Came The Tiny Fruit


Things finally seemed to be coming to life this week on the allotment – with these tiny Gooseberries being the first fruits to reveal themselves to the world.  Now that they’re beginning to fruit, Mr O is tasked with constructing a net to stop the birds from pinching all those lovely green jewels.

Elsewhere on the plot, our French Bean seedlings have been hardened off and put into the ground, and we’ve planted Lettuce and Carrot seeds as well as starting to put a variety of seeds into our freshly dug flower bed – Sunflowers (and miniature Sunflowers – ‘Little Leo’), Love in a Mist (Nigella), Poached Egg Plant and lots of Wildflower mix.


The New Yealand Yams have also gone into the ground this week, after what feels like (and probably actually was) months on our windowsills and in the mini greenhouse.  I think we may have planted them a tad too early (ahem), but they are quite large now and ready to be planted out, sporting some lovely shamrock shaped leaves.  New Zealand Yams are grown and eaten like a potato, and we were lured into growing them this year by their brightly coloured tubers – which grow in a variety of reds, yellows, oranges, purples and greens – the ‘free from blight’ promise, and the idea of a two-for-the-price-of-one harvest, the plant having fresh lemony tasting leaves (this, I can vouch for), which can be used in salads.

Another first for the rookie allotmenteers this week – Mr O got his hands on the communal allotment lawnmower and cut the grass !  We’ve been ‘cultivating’ the grass around our raised beds, and the patches are beginning to knit and properly cover the ground.  Now, with its neatly shorn top and trimmed edges, it really feels as if the plot is starting to come together.


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