Volcanic Chillies


I love chilli. Give me sweet chilli sauce, chilli pizza toppings, chilli pasta sauce, chilli chicken tikka, and I will devour the lot ! So this spring we decided to add chilli seeds to our haul. At the garden centre we were faced with packet upon packet of different varieties – who knew there was so much choice ? I have to admit we haphazardly chose the packet with the nicest picture, and it wasn’t until closer inspection that we read the ominous name of the plant – ‘Krakatoa’.

This little seedling is now innocently sitting on our windowsill with no hint of what is to come. A quick Google search of the volcanic island of Krakatoa reveals the explosion of which is considered to be the loudest sound ever heard in modern history … I do hope that our new chilli plant won’t eventually elicit the same response !


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