First Post

I’m not a fan of this technological age. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, and I don’t own any gadgets which have the prefix ‘i’. You might wonder then, why I’ve started my very own blog ! The answer is simple. Last year, Mr O got himself an allotment. It was to be his project, and in my imagination I saw hazy summer days where he would come home red-faced with arms full of fresh vegetables, and I would whip up nutritious organic meals*. We dibbled, we dabbled – I have to admit I was dubious – and a simple lack of time (due to our impending nuptials) meant only a few crops were grown (although immensely enjoyed !)

Come this Spring, however, something has happened. Something I didn’t expect. I don’t know what got me first – whether it was the rustle of Mr O’s seed packets, the sight of the first daffodils (which grew quite happily behind a pile of pots until we discovered them in their glory), or the smell of the pages in our pile of brand new gardening books – but I too have been bitten by the bug.

At first it started slowly – the casual browsing of the seed catalogue, the thrill of the choice between the seemingly endless array of potential fruit and veg, the glimpse of James Wong at the ‘Edible Garden Show’ at Stoneleigh Park … but all of a sudden – like falling in love – the allotment bug has bitten me and I’m scared, excited, and wide-eyed at this new world. And more than that, I want to share it ! I want to share the triumphs and disasters of our impending first proper allotment year in this – my first ever blog.

You poor lot.

* In this fantasy, I could also cook !


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